What Kajukenbo means to Absolute Martial Arts
Kajukenbo was founded in the 1940’s and is recognized as the first Mixed Martial Art. Kajukenbo was founded in Hawaii making it also an American Mixed Martial Art. 

Upon it’s inception, it was created with the emphasis of training in realism for real world self defense. Since it’s creation many schools have adapted it’s use to competition and this is good for the people that are looking for an all around mixture of martial arts to compete in this setting and it has adapted well with training for the rules of these matches.  

In our system we keep the emphasis on realism. This provides us with a strong base of operation enabling our use of it’s application in all vital areas of attack to end a fight as quickly as possible with emphasis on self preservation.

Ka Ju Ken Bo was created by five individuals bringing:
Ka (Karate,
precisely Tang So Do by Peter Young Yil Choo)
Ju (Judo - Se Keino Ryu by Frank Ordonez and Jujitsu- Kodenkan Danzan Ryu by Joe Holck)
Ken (Kenpo by Adriano Emperado)
Bo (Chinese Boxing / Chu'an Fa Kung Fu by Clarence Chang)

These styles were brought together to form an all around fighting solution from all ranges of combat from standing to the ground. We are very proud of our Kajukenbo roots.