About Absolute Martial Arts LLC

At Absolute Martial Arts our goal is to train individuals in self defense and self preservation through self awareness and a working knowledge of all ranges of fighting. We pray that the skills taught will never have to be used, though if the need arises that is not the time to try and figure something out. We don’t believe that a style or name of a martial art or a kata will save you when you encounter danger. It is the individual person and in what that individual has been trained in and can successfully apply that will protect them. It also has to do with what an individual has predetermined as an acceptable moral decision to defend themselves. If the moment ever comes and you are face to face with more than one attacker or an armed attacker, that time is not the time to have a moral debate with yourself as to whether it is justifiable for you to run the risk of taking someone’s eye sight. It is not the time to determine whether or not you would be comfortable striking someone in the throat and that they may not survive that attack. We believe that the only way to successfully counter a trained boxer is to study boxing and likewise to effectively counter the skills of a grappler are to study grappling. It isn’t that you must know how to fight in a certain style and be better in that style than your attacker. You simply must have a working knowledge of how the other person is moving and study from what ranges and from what angles certain people are trained in to learn how to successfully deal with them. It is often a wrestler’s move that is the best way to stop a certain movement from Jiu-Jitsu or vice versa. At certain ranges it is more effective to apply a Kali angle to a boxer’s strike enabling you to gain a better position. Personalized Self Defense is just that, an individual studying all ranges of motion incorporating all the strengths of that individual and minimizing their deficiencies through training obtaining a working knowledge of how to defend themselves. It is important to understand that not all martial arts are the same. Not only in their approach to what is studied but in their application of the material as well. Certain types of martial arts are excellent for physical training, some are developed and taught in way that is most beneficial for people, especially children, that are in need of discipline, and some very practical in offense while others are more suited for defense. Some arts, styles, or mixtures of martial arts are used for training in competition and others for a practical real world setting. These may be the same exact types or styles of fighting but the emphasis is as different as training for a set of rules in a controlled environment or for training for something that might happen in a parking lot with no mats, pads or referee.